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General Contact Information

IT Dept Email: itdept@madisoncollege.edu

Phone: (608) 246-6003

Toll free: (800) 322-6282 Ext. 6003

Deaf/hh: use 711 (relay)


Madison College Information Technology Department

Health Education room 300

1705 Hoffman Street

Madison, WI 53704

Department Chair

Ken McCullough




There is a gated visitor lot just to the west of the building off of Hoffman St.


Name Phone Email
Ross Bagurdes (608) 243-4028 RBagurdes@madisoncollege.edu
Michael Bender (608) 243-4417 mbender@madisoncollege.edu
Curt Chambers (608) 243-4341 CLChambers2@madisoncollege.edu
Kari Daggs (608) 616-1050 kkdaggs@madisoncollege.edu
Jon Forde (608) 246-6468 JDForde@madisoncollege.edu
Cheryl Halle (608) 243-4348 halle@madisoncollege.edu
Dale Jaedike (608) 243-4416 Jaedike@madisoncollege.edu
Victor Johnson (608) 246-6195 vgjohnson@madisoncollege.edu
Eric Knapp (608) 246-6641 eknapp@madisoncollege.edu
Lana Larsen McCarthy (608) 246-6207 LFLarsenMcCarthy@madisoncollege.edu
Ken Marks (608) 243-4753 KEMarks1@madisoncollege.edu
Michael Masino (608) 243-4413 mmasino@madisoncollege.edu
Kenneth McCullough (608) 246-6658 kmccullough@madisoncollege.edu
Nina Milbauer (608) 243-4362 nmilbauer@madisoncollege.edu
R Montgomery Jr (608) 243-4257 montgomery2@madisoncollege.edu
Peter Niewold (608) 246-6517 pniewold@madisoncollege.edu
Caeli Rice (608) 243-4420 crice@madisoncollege.edu
Lori Rodas (608) 246-6701 llkelley@madisoncollege.edu
Damian Roth (608) 243-4026 droth1@madisoncollege.edu
Jeremy Schraeder (608) 246-6450 JBSchraeder@madisoncollege.edu
William Schallert (608) 246-6632 wschallert@madisoncollege.edu
Brent Sieling (608) 246-6454 bsieling@madisoncollege.edu
Angela Snelling (608) 246-5242 ASnelling@madisoncollege.edu
Tom Steele (608) 246-6657 TSteele@madisoncollege.edu
John Tomczak (608) 243-4588 jetomczak@madisoncollege.edu
Paula Waite (608) 246-6660 PAWaite@madisoncollege.edu
Cary Walker (608) 243-4263 CHWalker@madisoncollege.edu
Bryan Witkowski (608) 246-6599 bwitkowski@madisoncollege.edu

Advisory Committees

The IT Program Advisory Committees review and recommend new courses and academic programs. It also reviews program curricular revisions and supplements. Members help generate new course ideas, shape current curriculum, and ensure curriculum is meeting the local IT business employers current and future hiring needs. The Committee is comprised of Madison College Ag administration, Madison College IT faculty, Madison College IT alumni and local IT business professionals.

The IT Department would like to thank the following businesses for their continued support by having their IT professionals serve on various IT Department program advisory committees.


The Information Technology department works closely with the local IT business community to be ahead of the demand. The IT department has active members of various advisory committees, professional organizations, and user groups. Some of these associations and affiliations are identified below.


A Timeline History of the IT Department at Madison College