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Need textbooks for your IT course?

The BEST source for what textbooks and materials are needed for a course is the instructor of the course. You can contact your instructor via email to obtain this information. Need contact information? Look here!

Madison College Bookstore

Get it now! The MATC Truax bookstore has a website that will allow you to be able to determine the textbook(s) that you will need for a particular course/instructor. Go to madisoncollegebookstore.com to get your textbooks.

Special Notes:

  • The bookstore has IT courses divided under 4 different "departments" (107, 150, 152, and 154). Example: If you are taking course 10-150-160-003,
    • Select "Department" 150.
    • Select "Course" 160.
    • Select "Section" 003. (Determines Instructor)

Textbook Rentals are available for the following IT courses thru the Madison College Bookstore:

  • 10-107-111 Careers in IT all sections (regular and online)

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